Digital Promotions

We can create any type of digital promotion to help your brand attract more shoppers and buy your products or services. Some of the most popular digital promotion mechanics are online micro-sites, which are branded and themed to match the brands activity. Some examples where micro-sites can be used are Sweepstakes, Lucky Draws, Instant Wins, Collectors, Prize Redemptions, Insured Promotions, Gaming, Money Back Guarantees and many other specialised techniques.


These are websites that are online only during the promotion activity, usually 2-3 months in duration. These are optimised for viewing on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Alternative digital promotion entry mechanics can be to use smartphone Apps such as WhatsApp, which is a cost effective App when you require simple consumer information such as their mobile phone number and to upload a picture, such as a receipt to verify their purchase.    

Simpler still, is to use an SMS (text) entry with an automatic reply, so that consumers know that there entry has been received. 

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