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For the past 20 years we have created a thousand consumer promotions for large global brands in categories such as Airlines, Alcohol, Financial Services, Household Cleaning, Personal Care, Coffee, Tea, FMCG Food, FMCG Drinks, Electronics, White Goods, Dairy, Automotive, Quick Service Restaurants. 


We understand that brands need to make sales and importantly, make a good profit, which is why we love working in the sharp end of marketing. We focus on selling your products and services and delivering you a more profitable ROI.


And when you need a sales boost, an easy option is to first think of a price promotion. Sure this delivers extra sales volume, but your margins get squeezed, your brand takes a hit and most of all, your profits barely cover costs.


We have alternative creative marketing & promotional solutions to help you maintain profit margin, by selling better and selling more.  

Promotive UK About Us

About Us

We help you sell more 

From New Zealand to Australia to Singapore, Malaysia and now in the UK, we've been helping brands sell more products and services in these markets for over 20 years. We champion creativity and dig a bit deeper than most to uncover those little gems of insights that lead to bigger ideas, better consumer engagement and of course, a higher volume of sales. Tell us your marketing problem and we'll share a solution.


We welcome enquiries from all consumer focused UK businesses who are looking for genuine, affordable added-value promotions instead of using price discounting to sell more.


Give it to me straight!

We offer a variety of marketing promotion and activation services to all of our clients, each one tailored to fit their specific activity problem, objectives and budget. Are you a brand looking for a one-stop shop that can create a unique promotional idea and mechanics, and then deliver it, right through to winner selection and prize fulfillment? Or, are you a brand who wants some expert help with just one or two of the above? Maybe you just want to find a partner to co-sponsor your activity? No matter what your needs are, we are here to provide you guidance every step of the way.

Take a look below to see what PROMOTIVE can do for you.

Promotional Marketing

Bold & Unique Sales Promotion Ideas UK



You balance all the tasks of being a client side marketer - and then the job asks you to be creative and come up with some stunning ideas that will wow your colleagues, management, sales staff, the retail trade and of course consumers, and deliver unprecedented growth to the bottom line. 


We can help with the stunning ideas part.



Full Sales Promotion Concepts UK



You don't just need a promotional idea, fast. You have a future major sales period in mind. More time to plan = bigger and better ideas delivering higher volume sales and at a lower cost. I want someone to create a campaign from scratch and deliver it all the way through, taking care of all the processes along the way.


Sounds like a good plan.


We'd like to pitch ideas to a plan like that.



Promotive UK free chat about Sales Promotion




What does PROMOTIVE do exactly? How do you fit into the mix? How do you work, how do you charge? What can you do for me and my brand? I have some questions about promotions. Not sure yet. 


We work, eat, sleep promotions and have been doing so for over 20 years.


We're pretty sure we can share some advice that will help answer some of your queries.





What our clients say

What Our Clients Have to Say

“This activity definitely delivered to and beyond our expectations. The noise created in the market place was great”


“I am very satisfied with how you have dealt with Volvo, the insurance company and also the winner. The service that you have rendered in this activation is priceless. Keep up the good work!.”

Ms Ashley Lim
Reckitt Benckiser

“Your expertise on shopper behaviour greatly shaped the promotion.


We had an uplift in sales during the period and we also achieved significantly better participation vs. our last lucky draw promo.”

Gilbert Galapon
General Mills

Hi Dave. Is it ever to late to send a heartfelt thanks? I hope the delay in contacting you does not in any way detract from our sincere appreciation for your genuine friendliness and help in bringing our once in a lifetime experience to fruition. Once again, on behalf of my son Sean and myself, thank you for your role in creating unique memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Best wishes for the future. Mick Battle

Mick & Sean Battle
UK Winners trip to Rio Olympics

Hi Dave, 


Would like to thank you for all the past support that you’ve given to me as well as the SUPER brand. I’m always amazed and inspired by the way you treat your clients with high quality service. Your way of working will be something that I choose to take away from my time at JDE.


All the best to you & your company. Please continue to provide the utmost support to JDE 😊

Xin Yun Chua
Marketing JDE


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Our specialities are Marketing Strategy / Promotional Marketing / Sales Promotion / Brand Activation. We like to think of ourselves as Price Fighters, offering better alternatives to price promotion discounting. Our focus in the UK is on assisting small to medium-sized businesses sell more of their goods and services by creating unique marketing and promotional ideas that add-value and maintain profit margins. We also offer the full range of promotional marketing services such as prize winner management and fulfilment, prize draws, legal Ts & Cs.